About the conference

The East African Healthcare Federation (EAHF) conference provides a forum for healthcare stakeholders including government leaders, private corporations and health advocates, to together champion for a healthier future. With the vision of bringing together groundbreaking technological advances, sharing of best practices and advocating for policy change and action, the EAHF Conference constitutes the ideal platform to collaborate in addressing the most pressing healthcare issues facing East and wider Africa today.

Why attend the conference

Over the course of two days, this conference aims to create a manifesto outlining commitment and collaboration from all stakeholders to a strengthened health agenda, in order to achieve the SDGs.

Through the following topics including the role of public-private partnerships, healthcare financing & quality improvement, emerging digital technologies and supply chain management, this event aims to bring together all stakeholder sectors to create a strategy for amplifying financing and quality measures to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

Objectives of the Conference

  1. To convene global leaders and evoke a multi-sectoral commitment using evidence based mechanisms and innovations to reinforce and build resilient health systems.
  2. To amplify private sector role and contribution to realizing Universal Health Coverage.
  3. To network and pitch to organizations with key interest in the Healthcare space.
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