Farzana is currently the Superintendent Pharmacist, Head of Operations and Board Member for MYDAWA an online licensed pharmacy in Kenya. Prior her appointment at MYDAWA she set up a start up healthcare facility in Kenya (Columbia Africa) and she also worked at Aga Khan Hospital as an Outpatient Manager for the main hospital and outreach outpatient pharmacies centers.

Farzana was very privileged enough to attend the Bradford University in UK where she completed MPharm degree. Having worked in UK for more than 7 years in various capacities across retail & healthcare coupled with her stint at the UK National Health Board. She then decided to return to Kenya with an aim to impart her knowledge & experience and fill any gaps within the current healthcare system in the country, as such the practices followed here are slightly different from the one which she gathered learning from UK. This was both a challenge and an opportunity. She had an enriching experience working with Aga Khan Hospital, where she worked in the capacity of an ‘Outpatient Manager” and managed outreach/outpatient satellite pharmacies. The time spent at AKH helped her develop: understand the dynamics of the healthcare industry in the country, it allowed her to get some interesting insights & knowledge about the product, price availability and gaps in the market from a medicinal intervention perspective. She knew this is where her interest lay and continued to leverage further.  This innovation space where she is currently working in is a new concept in Kenya. The developed world has adapted this very well as it provides a lot of advantages when it comes to standardization of product prices, product availability, trace-ability, convenience, privacy and optimization of product quality. This is an area she feels passionately that needs further partnerships/engagements with other health professional so that the result is better patient outcomes for us all.

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